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Sarah Gooda (Sara-Rose Millar)

Welcome to My Creative World

I'm Sarah Gooda (stage name Sara-Rose Millar) and I love everything about music, film and theatre. I've spent the last 20 years working in the arts in various guises, but my involvement in music and theatre stretches back a lot further than that. 

I love being up on stage or on camera acting , singing or playing, but I'm just as happy working behind the scenes in a number of different roles. I have experience as a stage manager, lighting / sound / production designer, sound recordist, general technician, script supervisor, editor, and stylist. I've also written over 50 scripts for screen and stage. 

I've also run my own production company for the past 19 years, and am starting a new producing project in 2024.                            

I have a music degree, diploma in music production, 3 uni modules in theatre, and a diploma in make-up. 

When I'm not involved in the arts, I enjoy kayaking, hanging out with my cats, and learning foreign languages. 

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