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Meet my alter-egos!

Out of Avalon

Theatre, Film & Music

I play music in a number of styles, and this year have decided to devise a character to go with each style, to give a more authentic and full performance. All acts come with full costume, instruments, backing tracks and PA if needed.

There is also the option for groups to form in 2024. 

Sara-Rose Millar is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. With a degree in music and a diploma in music production, Sara-Rose accompanies herself on guitar and keyboard. She also plays flute, recorders, clarinet, saxophones, bassoon, tenor horn and euphonium. 

Sara-Rose writes acoustic folk demos and can perform as a soloist in this style. However she has also released her debut album 'Echoes of Avalon' which is much more rock in style, with Sara-Rose multi-tracking herself as the whole band and also engineering and producing the record. 

She has also provided flute and saxophone music for events such as weddings, and is available to teach music lessons. 

Elena-Faye has performed with Pavane Early Music Ensemble (UK), Anon Early music ensemble (QLD) and The Court of Camelot (QLD & SA) and is now branching out as a solo act. 

She performs music from the medieval and renaissance eras on recorders, 12 string harp, dulcimer, renaissance ukulele, percussion and vocals.

Elena has performed at the Abbey Medieval Fair, Cosmeston Medieval Fair, Gold Coast Renaissance Fayre and Barossa Medieval Fair, as well as playing at markets and other events across Australia. 


Elena has also recorded multi-tracked backing tracks that she can play along to should your event want the full band sound.  

A new act for 2024, Freyja-Sigrid will perform Viking / Old Norse music. 

Another new act for 2024, Aine-Ciara will perform traditional Celtic music (in the traditional languages) accompanied by Celtic harp. 

Also new for 2024, Eldora-Halenka will perform traditional gypsy music.

Another new act for 2024, Violet Amelia will perform English trad music in a steampunk style, perfect for dances!

Cassia Decima is an Ancient Roman musician, playing Roman flutes, percussion and lyre. 

Roxie-Renee is a jazz flautist, saxophonist and vocalist who will be available for weddings and events from early 2024.


Roxie studied music at university and has played flute and sax with many ensembles over the last 25 years, including playing in a number of jazz bands.

She plays soprano, alto and tenor sax, flute and piccolo and may occasionally break out the clarinet. 


Mei-Huilu (meaning: beautiful, goddess of fire) has always loved traditional Chinese music and learned to play several Chinese instruments, the bamboo flute, Zheng (zither) and Erhu (Chinese violin...kind of). Ready for performances from early 2024. 

Ananya-Sana brings to life classical Indian music, playing the sitar, shehnai (Indian oboe) and bansuri (Indian flute). Available from early 2024

Delta Rain combines programming and live performance on flute, vocals and keyboard, giving a chilled out atmosphere to wherever she plays. 

Isla-Jacinta performs on the kettle drum, guitar, vocals and percussion to give a unique Caribbean atmosphere to your event. 

Elke-Adele plays and sings traditional Bavarian and Austrian music on piano accordion, vocals and more. 

Ashanti-Malaika plays traditional wind and percussion instruments from various parts of Africa. Also available from 2024.

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